In Norway, 82% of cars sold since January are electric vehicles

82% of the 36,000 new cars sold in Norway since the start of the year are electric (100% electric and PHEV). Perceived as a laboratory for the zero-emission car, the Scandinavian country is on the way to succeeding in its gamble: that of banning all thermal vehicles for sale from 2025. As a result, the electric market is doing very well there. well. Already in 2020, the share of electrics was 54.3%, but the recent trend confirms a massive transition.

90% of new cars have a battery

The 100% electric is not the only motorization in progress. The plug-in hybrid represents a third of this total. If we extend the calculation to conventional hybrid engines, it is even 9 cars out of 10 recently sold that have electric capacity. In fact, the best-selling models in Norway are the Tesla Model 3 (2,566 units), the Toyota RAV4 and the all-new Volvo XC40.

Also to discover in video:

Also to discover in video:

The parallel with the French market is obviously tempting … but not necessarily relevant. In fact, in the same period, five times more vehicles were sold in France (182,775). The share of electric and hybrid cars is “only” 29.9% and diesel still represents 24.4% of sales (against 5.8% in Norway).

Several factors can explain the good health of electricity in the Scandinavian country. On the one hand, there is the high average income of Norwegians, but also a political will to push for energy transition and above all a charging network that is much more developed than in other European countries. It is therefore not surprising that Norway is cited as an example to follow in electrification.


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