Imran Khan on Rape: absurd statement by Pakistan PM Imran Khan – women’s clothing held responsible for growing cases of rape

Imran Khan, Prime Minister of Pakistan (Photo Credit: Twitter)

Imran Khan on Rape: Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has given an absurd statement on the increasing incidents of rape (Rape), after which he is getting very gritty. Actually, Imran Khan in his statement has blamed women’s clothing for the increasing incidence of rape. After this statement, Pakistan’s rights campaigners have accused the Pakistani PM of ignorance. In fact, during a live weekend interview on TV, Oxford-educated Khan said that increasing pornography in the society is responsible for the increasing cases of rape. He said that incidents of rape of women are increasing very fast in the society.

Karachi-based Women’s Action Forum has demanded an apology from Imran Khan for this absurd statement. Indeed, Pakistan is a conservative country, where victims of sexual abuse are often viewed with suspicion and criminal complaints are rarely investigated. The ‘Honor’ code is followed in most places in the country, where women who cause embarrassment in the family are subjected to violence or are murdered. Also Read: Pakistan: PM Imran Khan Responds To Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Letter, Speak Out About Jammu & Kashmir Saying Peace With India

Significantly, last year, Imran Khan was heavily criticized after making his appearance in another television show. Actually, in this show, Imran Khan failed to challenge the request of a Muslim religious teacher. The latest controversy surfaced as the organizers behind the International Women’s Day battle, which she called a coordinated disruptive campaign against her.

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