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IIT Delhi: 300 job offers in a day, know how the impact of Kovid

IIT Delhi Placement 2020: At the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (IIT Delhi), 300 placements of students were named on the first day of the placement season. More than 300 companies will hire students for different sectors with more than 500 job profiles for the first phase i.e. placement in December.

International companies are also choosing students. But given the status of travel restrictions during Kovid, they have been given jobs of these companies in India only. However, these can later be converted into international offers.

The placement season for undergraduate and postgraduate students will run for 6 months at IIT Delhi. In the first phase, students will be hiring in December and in the second phase from January to May. A total of 500 companies have registered for placement drives. 300 companies will be part of it in December.

PPO 150, including international location
IIT Delhi students have received more than 300 offers including Pre Placement Offer (PPO). Many students have received more than one offer. The maximum number of students has been recruited by Microsoft, Intel, Goldman Sachs. So far, students have received around 150 pre-placement offers, many of which are also on international publicity.

Deferred Placement to 13 Students
13 students interested in startups have adopted the institute’s ‘Deferred Placement’ facility. That is, students can apply for placement again after changing their mind after trying themselves in their startups. They can opt for placement service for two years.

Online interviews, more companies are getting covered
Anishya Madan, head of the career services office at IIT Delhi, says, “This time a virtual placement drive has been put in place because of Kovid 19. The way we have prepared the schedules and adopted new methods of recruitment, we hope that companies will do well. Our scheduling is an attempt to maximize the number of placement offers for the entire season rather than a particular day. ‘

The institute believes that more and more companies are getting the benefit of having a placement drive in virtual mode. Also, instead of multiple sessions, the entire day is being given to the company. Along with the company, students are also getting time to take decisions. Till last year, this process was done in many sessions and many campuses.

The next phase of internship in January
In the first phase of the internship hiring season of the institute, which started in September this year, more than 350 offers have been received by students. In this, companies from Hong Kong, South Korea and the US have also made international training offers. Many students have also received many offers. Its final phase will begin in January 2021.


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