I did it without even watching a single episode..all uncle: Samantha

Akkineni’s cousin Samantha made a lightning appearance during the BigBag-4 season. Having hosted Dussehra for three hours at a time, Shabash seemed to the television audience to be a cousin beyond his uncle. Others, however, said that Samantha handled better than Nagarjuna and demanded that she continue as a commentator. Otherwise there are even suggestions to hire her as a full-fledged host for the Bigg Boss-5 season. However, Samantha handled such a big reality show so well that everyone thought that she worked hard watching the Bisbos show every day.

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However, Samantha says that Bigg Boss has not seen a single episode of the show. She responded via Instagram about hosting Bisbas. ‘An experience to remember forever. Never thought of hosting a ‘Big Boss’ show. Come on in, take a look and enjoy yourself! I had to overcome many fears before hosting that show. I have never hosted any event before. Telugu does not come big. BigBoss has never seen a single episode before. Thank you uncle for trusting me and supporting me. Thank you to all the audience who fell in love with me after that episode. ‘


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