Hugues Aufray polygamous: in love with Hélène and Muriel, “I’m not lying to either”

Hugues Aufray is one of the guests of the show The secret song, this Friday January 15, 2021, on TF1. The opportunity to learn a little more about the discreet singer. For the past few years, he has shared his life between two women: Hélène and Muriel. A situation not obvious but to which he cares a lot.

In 2015, interviewed by the Swiss newspaper The morning, Hugues Aufay spoke frankly about his double life. “When I write my bio after I die, I will sound like an honest guy or a bastard. Our biological clocks, between men and women, are not the same. Viagra, I don’t know! I am still married to the woman I knew when I was 20. She can’t follow me. I am a normal man, with an important professional activity and therefore, it’s true, I have a young companion. I am not lying to either. I have a clear conscience“, he said then.

In 2012, Hugues Aufray had already confided in Release. “When I became a star, we would go on tour, and the girls, we had as many as we wanted. It was the eve of 68, no one felt guilty for having affairs. I had it, and my household resisted it. Today I am often on the road again. Sometimes I come home at 5am, after hours in the minibus. Hélène cannot live such a life (…) Going on tour alone is a bit hard. So there is a young woman in my life

“, he related.

His young partner is named Muriel and lives with him every day in his house in Marly-le-Roi (Hauts-de-Seine). “I sold Marnes-la-Coquette, where I spent forty-five years without knowing anyone. I lived as a patriarch in the midst of my family. Around there were only billionaires and video cameras. There, Muriel and I know our neighbors“he told the newspaper The Parisian in July 2020. But besides his life with Muriel, Hugues Aufray has also remained married since 1951 to the dancer Hélène Faure with whom he had two daughters, Marie (62 years old) and Charlotte (59 years old).


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