Huawei clarified published rumors about the alleged end of its association with camera maker Leica

Huawei partnered in 2016 with the German company Leica, for the collaboration of the cameras, in their equipment. Any company of Chinese manufacturers is exposed due to the sanction imposed by the United States government. Then recently a rumor was published in which they assured that the work between both companies had finished.

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When consulted by different international media, Huawei’s spokesmen denied this claim. The design work for the cameras on Huawei devices remains Leica’s. Since 2016, specifically in the Huawei P9, the Germans made their debut on Chinese cell phones.

Since then, Huawei has been a benchmark in terms of the quality level of cameras. The rumor attempted against the insignia that the Asian company has embroidered, but was ultimately denied. Even from the Android Authority portal, they consulted directly with Leica representatives. From the Teutonic corporation, likewise, they denied the veracity of that information.


Leica and the Huawei cameras

The camera of the Huawei P9 seems to have been a long way off when compared to the most recent advances. In the new cameras of these cell phones, there are night sensors. In addition to an improvement in performance in low light environments.


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