How to turn off Chrome notifications on Android

Just like apps, websites have the ability to send you notifications through your web browser. The first time you visit a website, it is not uncommon to see a request for permission to send you a notification when the site in question wishes to notify you of news.

Whether you’ve voluntarily subscribed to a website’s notifications or unwittingly accepted a notification request, their multiplication on your smartphone, in addition to those sent by other apps, can quickly turn into chaos.
Chrome notifications pile up on top of each other in the notification center and it becomes difficult to tell the sender apart.

Also to discover in video:

Also to discover in video:

To avoid reaching the point of no return, it is possible to clean up Google Chrome by ignoring the most annoying ones or by completely disabling all notifications. Here’s how.

1. Open Chrome settings

Launch Chrome, press the main menu represented by three small dots and go to the Settings. Scroll through the displayed options and enter the menu Notifications.

2. Turn off notifications

You have two options to reduce the number of notifications received or to delete them.

You can optionally turn off only annoying notifications sent by certain sites, or choose to turn off All Site notifications

. By choosing this last setting, Chrome should no longer send alerts to your smartphone at all.

3. Disable notification requests

To avoid falling into the trap, it is also possible to modify Chrome’s settings so that the websites you visit can no longer send you notification requests.

To deactivate these requests, press the main menu of Chrome and go to the Settings of the browser. Within advanced settings, enter the menu Site settings, and go to the menu Notification.

Then deactivate the option Notifications to prevent websites from asking you for permission to send notifications when you visit them.


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