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How to seize the opportunities that come? 7 minute workouts .. Listen to the Puri lesson!

As always Puri Jagannath has come up with another podcast audio for us. In this audio, he explains in his own style how to sniff out the opportunities that come your way. Listening to this motivational lesson told by Puri ..

” The Buddha said .. One day can change life .. I do not know where the opportunity comes from. Many times we don’t even realize that they are actually golden opportunities that have come our way. You have to be very alert in life to know. Some people do not hear Lakshmi Devi coming and knocking on the door. My sons sleep like pigs. I have a friend. He has a lot of talent. He wrote a book on how to seize the opportunities that come. He keeps the book with him and follows it without fail. There are so many of them in this world.

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Do not believe that Nicentra means you are a child. No one has time here. Everyone turns 60 before they close their eyes. None of you are invited to wear the red watch. You only get busy when your value is known to the other person. In the beginning everyone will use you. Vadaniy .. If they are used like that, it means that you are working for them. Learn everything. Be alert when everyone else is using it. All are taught by Wally. If your time is good you will encounter such weeks in advance. They will change you no more.

Do not go to bed without learning something during the day. Always be on fire and have no stomach ache. Transplant does not cause any health problems. Exercise for as many minutes as you eat in three meals. No need to go to the gym. There are also apps for a 7 minute workout. All chances are in front of you .. You can use them if you are alert. Or they will just dance and dance in front of your eyes. ”

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