Different mergers and business relationships led Google to change the appearance of Gmail, Calendar, and Drive. But you can go back to the above.
During the last weeks, we have seen how the Google applications that we use the most have changed their appearance. These are GmailDrive, and Calendar. Now they modified their designs and have different colors. It is nothing more than a change in sight, but there are people who cannot stand it. So we find a way to go back to the old design.
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If you are one of those who enjoyed the characteristic red on the white of an envelope that made reference to a letter or postcard. And also now you see that combination of colors that represent Google and they just don’t like it, there is a solution.
It is not necessary that you continue to have that design that you do not enjoy, on your device. What we also highlight that this method that we are about to reveal is valid for AndroidiOS, and Chrome. It is also legal and you will enjoy the functions that the latest version brings.

I want the old Gmail icon!

We listen to you and tell you what that method is. We clarify that you will not have to go back to an old version, or something from the factory. It is simply changing the icon to the one you like the most.
You just have to go to the virtual store, whatever your operating system. Once you enter, whether it is the Play Store or the App Store, you will look for the Nova Launcher application
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After you install the program on your home screen or desktop, you simply have to press and hold the icon of the application you want to change and in this way, much easier than you thought, you can return to the design you want on your own screen.