How to create a shortcut to open a “Guest” browser window in Chrome or Edge?

If you happen to share your computer with a third party to let them surf the web, you may be looking for a solution so that their browsing data does not pollute your profile and remain stored on your machine.

For this, Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge offer Guest mode, which is responsible for deleting all browsing activities from your PC once the browser is closed. To activate it, however, you must open the browser and click on your profile picture to finally access this famous “Guest” mode.

However, it is possible to open Chrome or Edge directly on a window in Guest mode by creating a specific shortcut on the Windows desktop. The manipulation works for these two browsers. There she is.

Also to discover in video:

1. Create a new shortcut

Click on the menu Start Windows, then right-click on the Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge icon. Place yourself on the menu More and click on Open file location.

The window that opens displays all the shortcuts found in the Windows Start menu. Right click on the Chrome (or Edge) launch shortcut, go to Send to, and choose Desktop (create a new shortcut).

2. Enter the properties of the shortcut

Now right-click on the new shortcut displayed on the Windows desktop and enter the Properties.

3. Modify the target

In the window that appears, place the mouse cursor at the end of the Target line, add a space, and specify the parameter –guest. Click on Apply to validate your changes.

4. Customize the name of the shortcut

If you already have a Chrome or Edge shortcut on your desktop, you may want to customize the name of this new “Guest” shortcut to avoid making mistakes.

To do this, in the Property window of the shortcut, go to the tab General, delete the Google Chrome name displayed in the text field at the top of the window, and customize the name of your shortcut, such as “Chrome Guest”.

Then click on the button okay to save your changes.

From now on, when a third party wishes to use your PC to browse the Internet, using Chrome or Edge, it will suffice to click on the “Guest” shortcut that you have created for the browser to automatically open in this mode.


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