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How to create a secondary account on PS5?

As on PS4, it will be possible to add several profiles on your PS5 in order to play the different members of your family or your close friends. They will be able to play with their own account, have their own stats and games. How is it possible? Via the creation of a secondary account and you will see that there is nothing simpler.

Creating a secondary account on PS5

The first step is to go back to the console menu when you have just turned it on. You will have the choice to choose your account or “add a user”. Select that choice.

Here, you will be able to choose to add a user on this PS5. Or to play “as a guest”. This option will be perfect for playing a local multiplayer game (like FIFA, Call Of) with a friend who will log in as a guest.

But for the creation of a second account, it will be necessary to choose the first option with the addition of a user. So click on “First steps”.

As with each creation of accounts, you must first accept the license terms of the PlayStation 5 system software. All you have to do is check the small box “I accept” and click “Confirm”.

The next step will ask you to sign in with your account. If the secondary account you want to create already exists, all you have to do is enter your email and password and you’re done.

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On the other hand, if your secondary account does not yet exist, you will have to click on “Create an account”.

The first step in creating your account will be to enter a valid email and choose a password.

You will then need to enter your personal data with your first and last name. You should then be aware of the privacy policy of Sony Interactive Entertainment Limited.

To do this, you will need to press the “R3” key (the right analog stick) and validate the charter.

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You can choose whether or not to opt in to receive personalized information and offers associated with PlayStation and Sony. If you don’t want it, don’t forget to uncheck the little box on the right. Then click on “next”.

You will then be able to choose the avatar for your PlayStation Network account. Note that if you use the new PlayStation mobile application, you can put a personalized photo on your profile.

One of the most important steps will be choosing your online ID. The identifier will be displayed when you go to play online. So choose it well so as not to regret it!

You will also be able to choose the various privacy settings for your account. If you want the default settings, just click “Apply”. Otherwise, go to “Review and customize” instead to choose your privacy settings (who can see your friends, your games, your trophies, etc …).

Another step that will ask for your permission is to collect data regarding bugs, concerns of your PS5 in order to create numerous statistics and improve the user experience on Sony’s part. Again, you are free to choose your settings.

We come to the penultimate step of setting up and creating your account by choosing purchasing and advertising options. If you agree, your PS5 will be able to give you suggestions that you should like based on the games you play!

Finally, to complete the creation of your account you will have to accept one last time the “important legal documents” of Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe Limited with the user conditions, the confidentiality charter, and the software use conditions.

Check the small box “I accept” and press “confirm”. Your PlayStation Network account is now created and active, welcome to your PS5.

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