How North Korea tries to trap cybersecurity experts

Here they are coming back. Hackers in North Korea are trying to trap security experts once again, this time through a Turkish cybersecurity company made from scratch.
Detected by security researchers at Google Threat Analysis Group, this fake storefront is called “SecureElite” and offers offensive auditing and security services. About fifteen fake Twitter and LinkedIn profiles were used as touts to encourage their targets to visit their site where a zero-day Internet Explorer browser flaw was then exploited to hack them.

Also to discover in video:

But these pirates probably have more than one trick up their sleeve. “We believe that these actors are dangerous, and that they probably have other zero-day flaws”

, warns Google.
The American firm had already launched a first alert last January on these North Korean hackers, revealing a swarm of fake sites and fake accounts intended to trap cybersecurity experts. But even pillared, they continue their fatal work as if nothing had happened. If you are working in this area, then be careful.

Source : Google


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