How ISI pressurized FBI informer to expel Dawood’s financier from London jail

Dawood Ibrahim (Picture Source: ANI)

New Delhi, April 18: To prevent the nexus between the D-Company and the ISI, the top Pakistan official allegedly pressured an FBI witness. As a result, he was overturned by his statement and cleared the way for Dawood financier Jabir Motiwala to get out of jail in a high-profile extradition case in London. Last week, the US withdrew the case in extradition case against Jabir, which gave great relief to Dawood, India’s most wanted. Pakistani-American Kamran Faridi, who implicated Dawood’s financier Motiwala in the FBI informant and drug racket, was a key witness in the case, who was allegedly ‘influenced’ by ISI officials in a British extradition court.

Due to this Dawood’s right hand could get out of London jail. Top sources in Indian agencies gave this information to IANS. It also told how the Pakistani establishment saved the D-Company from trial in the US court.

Earlier, on the basis of very strong evidence, the court of London approved the extradition of Dawood’s financier to the US. All charges related to drugs and money laundering against Dawood were established in the court. However, later as the High Court was finalizing the case, Chief Witness Kamran Faridi shocked everyone by revealing that his bosses at the FBI for implicating D-Company finance chief Jabir Motiwala in a fake drugs case Was pressurized by. The full U-turn of principal witness Faridi embarrassed the FBI, which eventually led to the removal of charges against Dawood’s accomplice. Also read: Delhi: BJP’s big attack on Arvind Kejriwal, said – Government raised hands in Corona’s crisis

Indian intelligence officials said that Kamran Faridi, a Pakistani-American who implicated Dawood’s financier Motiwala in the drug racket, was a former agent and informant of the FBI, whose financial condition is currently not good. He was allegedly approached by the ISI people and pressurized him. Nearing the final hearing in the High Court, a leading Pakistani newspaper, part of the ISI’s game plan, published the statement of Kamran Faridi, in which he revealed that Dawood’s aide has been implicated in a false case by him. Faridi also told the Pakistani newspaper that he was forced by the FBI to trap the D-Company.

An IPS officer at the weighty agency revealed, “The D-Company and the ISI worked together to impress Kamran Faridi. Faridi was the only hope for them, as Jabir Motiwala almost lost the case. Faridi of ISI Was forced to back down on his own revelations about Jabir. We have come to know that Kamran’s relatives were initially contacted in Karachi. Some officials at the Pakistani High Commission and a journalist from a major London-based Pakistani TV channel Also played an important role in exposing Kamran Faridi’s pressurized statement. ” ALSO READ: CM Arvind Kejriwal writes letter to PM Modi, demanding oxygen and 7,000 beds, due to deteriorating situation with COVID-19 in Delhi.

A leading Pakistani news channel, Geo TV, has claimed, “The most significant intervention in the case occurred when the channel and its English newspaper published a story on March 19, 2021, revealing that a former Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) The informer has been barred from entering the UK by UK immigration officials, as Kamran Faridi wanted to record his testimony before the High Court. The former FBI agent wanted to testify before the court that he would be in the process of the Jabir Motiwala case. Was involved in the abuse. ” After years of struggle, the US had to withdraw the extradition request against Zabir Motiwala, which included drug smuggling and Dawood Ibrahim’s international financial dealings. In 2018, Jabir, who flew from Cyprus to London, was arrested by Scotland Yard at the request of the FBI. During the extradition trial in London, FBI lawyers told the court that Jabir Motiwala was managing Dawood Ibrahim’s money in the UAE, Britain and other countries.

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