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How did Israeli Mossad kill Iranian nuclear scientist? Know how the mission was executed

Israel has been directly accused of killing Iran’s top nuclear scientist Dr. Mohsin Fakhrizadeh. It is being told that the attack has been carried out by Israeli intelligence agency Mossad. Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani and supreme religious leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei himself have threatened Israel to bear the brunt of this attack. Now an Iranian journalist has reportedly made the details of the entire incident public. They claimed to have received this information from Iranian authorities.

62 Israelis were involved in the entire mission
Iranian journalist Mohammad Ahvaz has claimed that 62 people were involved in the murder of nuclear scientist Dr. Mohsin Fakhrizadeh. It was he who had informed the entire world about the growing effects of the Corona virus in the country, despite hiding the lacuna of the Iranian government. Iranian authorities blame Israel’s Mossad for the murder. An American official and two other intelligence officers also told the New York Times that Israel was behind the attack.

12 attackers carried out the mission
Ahvaz said that there were 12 people in this team who have been trained to kill security and intelligence service officers abroad. These men were stationed in the city of Absard, 50 miles east of the Iranian capital Tehran. Whereas, 50 others provided logistic support to these 12 people. However, he did not say whether these 50 people were present in Iran at the time of the incident or were providing assistance from outside.

The team of attackers was monitoring Dr. Fakhrizadeh
The team was closely monitoring Dr. Mohsin Fakhrizadeh. He already knew that he would be on the road from Tehran to the city of Absard on Friday. The team planned an attack near a roundabout near the city entrance. In order to carry out this attack, four attackers were in a car. Four motorcycles were also attacked by the attackers.

This is how the attackers executed the incident
In order to stop the convoy of Iranian scientist, they stuck a pickup loaded with explosives on the road and started waiting for the opportunity. The attackers also deployed two snipers near the scene. Who specializes in precision shooting from a distance. Iranian journalist Ahvaz reported that the area was cut off half an hour before Fakhrizadeh’s convoy of three bulletproof cars arrived.

The convoy was surrounded by a blast in pickup
The attackers were alerted as soon as the first car of Fakhrizadeh’s convoy left the roundabout at the place of attack. According to Iranian State TV reports, the attackers detonated a trapped pickup as soon as the third car approached the roundabout. The explosion damaged electrical poles and transmitters. The explosion was so strong that the car’s debris fell 300 meters away from that place.

Israel’s spy agency Mossad, whose head was accused of killing Iranian scientist

Indiscriminate firing on convoy bulletproof cars
Two cars that had gone beyond the blast site were fired upon by 12 gunmen and killed the car riders. Sipah Saibari, a website linked to the Iranian military’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard, said the attackers fired hundreds of bullets at the car. Due to which all the people in the car died.

Iranian president furious over killing of nuclear scientist, vows to take revenge on Israel

Attackers escaped after killing scientist
Ahvaz claimed that the team leader of the attackers drove Dr. Fakhrizadeh out of the car and shot him. He again checked whether the Iranian nuclear scientist died. After this attack, the attackers disappeared from there. None of his teammates were harmed. At the same time, Iranian state media claimed that Dr. Fakhrizadeh’s bodyguards also confronted the attackers. They knew that the man they had been protecting for years was Mossad’s number one target.

Mohsen Fakhrizadeh’s murder raised the question again, why is Iran-Israel so fiercely hostile?

Iranian Foreign Minister Confirms Scientist’s Murder
On receiving information about the attack on Dr. Fakhrizadeh, several senior security officers associated with him reached Absard’s hospital. However, he was surprised when he saw that there was a power failure in the entire city. After this Dr. Fakhrizadeh’s body was taken by air to Tehran. After this, Iranian Foreign Minister Javed Zarif confirmed the killing of the eminent Iranian scientist and accused Israel.


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