Honor is bringing Smart TV with 6 mic, will be able to control with voice

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The launch of Smart Life Product by Tech Brand Honor is going to take place on Monday 18 May. On this day many smart home devices can be launched by the company and the company’s smart TV can also be included in it. Some features of the new TV have been teased on the Chinese social media site Weibo for the past several days. The latest teaser reveals that 6 mics will be given in this TV.

Three days ago, it was confirmed by Huawei’s Subbrand Honor that the company is going to offer special MEMC technology in the new Smart TV. This is called the motion smoothing soap opera effect. Three more teaser shares have been done by the company. It has already been learned that the new Smart TV will also support special ACM (Adoptive Contrast Management) technology. With this help, the contrast and color will automatically change according to the content seen on TV.

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You will get special SR technology

Honor says that the display panel of Smart TV has been specifically tuned to show live color. Apart from this, the company is also giving SR (Super Resolution) algorithm in the new TV. With this help, low-quality content can be converted in real time with better texture and details. If you understand in easy language, then with the help of this, low-resolution content can be seen in high-resolution.

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Control with voice commands

The latest teaser has revealed that the new Honor Smart TV will be given 6 microphones. With their help, users will be able to control their TV even remotely by giving voice commands only. This means that users will not need to use any remote control or hands to control the new Honor Smart TV and this premium television can be controlled remotely by giving voice only.

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