High frequency train: Labeaume remains hungry

The $ 500 million, over six years, devoted by Ottawa to the High Frequency Train (TGF) project has left Régis Labeaume unsatisfied.

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This is in essence the reaction of Mayor Labeaume to the announcement made Monday as part of the federal budget. It was about a total of approximately $ 495 million for this project which has been on the cards for many years.

“For a TGF, $ 491 million over six years, you don’t do much. I expected much more than that, ”admitted the mayor of Quebec, Tuesday afternoon, on the sidelines of a press briefing. According to him, “we are not on the eve of rolling in (…) Over six years, when you calculate, it is six times less than the tram”.

The cost of future works and land acquisitions under the TGF therefore seems so high that the sum currently on the table would be insufficient, he suggested.

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That said, Mr. Labeaume made an important caveat in saying that part of the story may escape him. “Maybe there’s going to be an announcement made at some point? I do not know. Maybe they will take it (the money) from transport infrastructure budgets, he argued. I’ll get on the phone. ”

On the merits, Régis Labeaume was nevertheless satisfied to note that the hypothesis of a TGV (high speed train) excluding Quebec seems to have been ruled out and that the Capitale-Nationale is still in the plans for the TGF. .



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