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Hero Electric Introduces New NYX Commercial Scooter; Starting price is Rs 64,640

The ex-showroom price of the new Hero Electric NYX e-Scooter is set at Rs 64,640. Introduced as part of the brand’s new ‘HX’ series, this electric scooter incorporates a 0.6 kW electric motor.

Supplied with a 1.53kWh lithium-ion battery pack, the scooter can run at a maximum speed of 42kmph with the help of this electric motor. The range of this new scooter will run from 82 km to 210 km on a single charge, according to the manufacturer.

The 210km range is available with removable technology fitted to the battery system of the NYX scooter. Customers can customize this electric scooter in 10 different ways to suit their business.

As well as having a 4-level smartphone connection you can find different solutions for placing items on this scooter. This ‘on-demand’ smartphone connection ranges from simple Bluetooth to ‘advanced’ remote monitoring and detection.

The movement of the new NYX scooter, known as the high-torque scooter model, is said to be symmetrical. Not only this, but this scooter also has a combi-brake system with regenerative braking so you can get a smooth ride with higher loads.

During the launch of the new NYX commercial electric scooter, Hero Electric CEO Sokinder Gill said, “Every business needs a specific operating solution, and“ one size fits all ”may not be appropriate.

The new NYX Series is flexible, modular, and versatile capable of responding to most of the customer’s needs. With this scooter, you can get smart connectivity features like low fuel cost, high load carrying capacity, inter-city travel, remote bike mute. “ Said.

The Hero Electric brand has been actively working to expand its product lineup over the past few months. The manifestation of this is the introduction of this new commercial electric scooter. The fact that this scooter is said to be able to offer a range of 210 km really impressed us.

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