Hapsatou Sy ready for a 3rd child at 40: her appeal to Vincent Cerutti

Hapsatou Sy is a fulfilled mother. With Vincent Cerutti, she raises two adorable children, Abbie (4 years) and Isaac (1 year). According to her latest Instagram post, from January 15, 2021, the host is struggling with the speed of time. So it was with nostalgia that she shared a photo of one of her childbirths. “I had just given birth, I was happy. The damaged skin, the drawn eyes, the very short nights but so happy“, she captioned, under the image of herself kissing her baby.

An exceptional feeling that she would very much like to rediscover, as she later confided, already ignoring any criticisms that may emerge as to her age. “I’m approaching 40, in 3 months, and I would love to have a third. Society tells us that having a child after 40 is not terrible. Well, studies say that having a child after 40 multiplies by 3 our chances of being a hundred years old !!! A good hearer! Just saying. Speak in silence

“, she wrote, before receiving many benevolent messages, urging her to make her dream come true.”VSthe 40s baby is awesome !!! I confirm it to you“,”VSeach should do what she wants and when she decides !! Society does not have to dictate our life path …“,”Who cares what the company says !!! If you want to do“,”It’s a blessing a child! At any age“… Hapsatou Sy and Vincent Cerutti can therefore get started with peace of mind!


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