Happy news to Yash fans: KGF-1 re-release for Dussehra festival

There is now another opportunity for films that are already spare. About 7 months after the lockdown, theaters were reopened and the cinema was being screened as a government guideline. But new movies are not releasing. Therefore, there is an attempt to re-release already cinemas and draw audiences to cinemas.

There are already a lot of movies in Kannada ready to be re-released. Released movies are allowed to be re-released before the lockdown. Already a lot of films including Dia, Love Mocktail, and Shivarjuna cinema are making their way back to the silver screen.

Sandalwood’s blockbuster KGF-1 cinema is also being re-released. KGF-1 will be screened in cinemas from October 23rd to 29th. Cinema is being shown in Inox, PVR, Cinepolis. KGF is a cinema re-release not only in Karnataka but across the country.


KGF-1 Cinema has hit the screens on December 21, 2018, in the country and abroad. KGF-1 has been jammed in Indian cinema. Kannadiga is proud to have been a big hit in Kannada cinema. Fans have been waiting for KGF-2 right now since the first part of Success.

The film industry is already busy shooting the last stage. Party-2 is going to be even more terrible than the first. The KGF-2 cinema is awaiting release next year as Indian cinema audiences catch a breath.



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