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Gurgaon News: Now who will not see masks from drones, action will be taken against those who break the rules

In view of the fast growing positive cases due to Kovid 19 infection, police have started taking help of drones in crowded area. With the help of loudspeakers in drones, people are being made aware to follow the rules of masks and social distancing. Soon under this, the action of cutting the invoices will be started by imprisoning those who break the rules.

The Gurgaon Police has taken help from the new startup company for drones for Awareness and Challan operations under CSR. The company and the police team reached Khandsa Mandi at around 9 am on Thursday. The drone was blown off the roof of a building there. In this particular drone, loudspeakers have also been fitted with cameras. So that people can be alerted to wear masks and obey the rules of social distancing while announcing from that loudspeaker. Under the plan, the police has arranged that a police team will also be deployed in the area where the drone will be flown. This team will also take action to cut their invoices after seeing photos of the captured people who break the rules in the camera of the drone.

Watching the footage of the drone, the team will be told which people are present outside or inside the shop without wearing masks. After this, the team members below will take action to cut the access invoice at that shop. There was also a plan to go to Sadar Bazar and Bus Stand after Khandsa Mandi on Thursday morning. But due to some technical flaws in the drone, the team could not go to these areas. The company’s team has been asked to correct this technical flaw. In a day or two, the company’s team will remove the drawback and bring the drone, after which the challan action will also be done with the help of the drone. Police spokesman Subhash Bokan said that with the help of drones in the crowded area, the action of evading and challaning will be done. It has been launched on Thursday.


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