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Gurgaon cold: The minimum mercury of the city reached 7 degrees due to snow falling on the mountains

Due to snowfall in the mountainous areas, the temperature is changing day by day. Even on Tuesday, cold winds were strong. There is definitely some relief from light sunlight during the day. But many times in the day when the sun is clouded by clouds, the day is also feeling cold. After dusk in the evening, the atmosphere has started to feel very cold and at night the temperature has reached 7 degree Celsius. The effect of this has started appearing on people’s routine as well. Currently, a difference of 15 to 17 degrees Celsius is being recorded in day and night temperatures.

Chill will increase at night
The mountainous region has been experiencing snowfall for the past several days. Its effect is also visible in the city. There was a slight fog on Tuesday morning and the sun appeared late. According to the Meteorological Department, the weather will be clear in the coming days and chill may increase at night by the end of this month. On Tuesday, the maximum temperature was recorded at 24 and the minimum temperature was 7 degrees Celsius. It is forecast that in the next one or two days, the minimum temperature can be up to 5 degrees Celsius. However, it is not possible to get maximum temperature drop due to sunshine during the day.

Change routine
The effect of increasing the cold has started showing on the daily routine of the people. With the rise of Corona virus infection, people have increased the emphasis on decoction with warm-tasting substances and green vegetables in their homes. Now people have started consuming the decoction twice a day. However, carelessness is more visible in people than in caution. At the same time, the cold has increased the room heater, blower and hot clothing market. Due to the cold, people are now sleeping in the morning late and people have also kept distance from going to the morning walk with hot water bath.

Sick differing from day to night temperature
The changing weather is making people sick. Sometimes due to the cold weather, sometimes cold, cough, cold, fever, diseases are bothering people. Senior physician of the civil hospital, Dr. Naveen Kumar told that there is a risk of increasing diseases due to the difference in temperature between day and night. In this season, special care should be taken to protect your children from various types of viral and other diseases like cold, cough, cold.

Respiratory patients have more difficulty
Doctors say that the problem is due to more cold at night and less cold weather in the day. Due to this, colds and headaches may occur. Dust does not rise much higher in the atmosphere due to increasing cold. Dust particles float in the air below, due to which the risk of allergy increases. Because of this, respiratory diseases like asthma, bronchitis etc. become effective. Currently, asthma patients are increasing. In such a situation, respiratory patients should take special care of themselves.


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