Google working on ‘trash bin’ feature to delete files on Android-12

Kovid-19 Rescues Google Doodle (Photo Credits: Google)

San Francisco, April 18: Google is reportedly working on a feature called Trash Bin to delete files on Android 12. According to Xda Developer, the spottered code shows that Google can see Android’s hidden recycle bin / trash feature in the storage settings. The report states that last year, Google removed Android 11, which implemented major changes in such a way that apps could access the device’s storage. These changes, which Google calls “scoped storage”, can limit the amount of storage access by an app by default.

While some applications such as file managers may request extensive access to the device’s storage. Other apps have to use alternative APIs to add, open, edit, or delete files in storage. One of these APIs is called MediaStore API and provides access to common media files such as audio, video and photos. MediaStore has been around for a while now, but Google has added a new feature, Tracing, to the API with the Android 11 release. Those who use the MediaStore API are given a chance to restore the file after it has been trashed. Also read: Twitter Down: Microblogging site Twitter services again disrupted, thousands of users upset

The report states that most desktop operating systems have a similar feature, but Android 11 does not provide a system-wide ‘Recycle Bin’ or ‘Trash’ folder that lists all files that have been trashed. is. Instead, apps that edit access to trashed files or request user consent can show things from the hidden recycle bin, and we’ve seen evidence that Google Apps is preparing to add a feature such as Google Files She is

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