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Users will not see heavy ads on tech company Google’s Chrome browser. Google has announced that from August on Chrome browser, heavy ads will be blocked. The company claims that the phone’s battery can be saved by removing heavy ads from Chrome. Apart from this, users will get better home network capacity, connectivity and browsing experience.

In an official blog, Google said, ‘We recently found that a lot of ads appearing on web pages cost resources such as battery and network data of the device, while users are not aware of it. Aids (for example ads associated with mine cryptocurrency, which are badly programmed and are not optimized for network use) consume the device’s battery and affect network performance as well.

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Such ads will be blocks

It has been said by Google that if an ad uses a lot of resources then the error page will be visible to the user on the Chrome browser. This page will tell the user that he is using a lot of resource ads. Google has mentions that Chrome will block all such apps, which will cross 4MB network data or CPU usage for 15 seconds in a 30 second period. In addition, the ads crossing the total 60 second CPU usage will also be blocked.

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Has added a new feature

Recently, a new feature has been added by Google in the Google Chrome browser. With the help of this new feature, tabs of the browser will be managed in a better way than before. This feature called tab groups is currently available to Chrome Beta users. With the help of this feature, users can join selected tabs into a group. With this help, social or official tabs can be merged together. Users are also getting the option to keep the group’s custom name or use emoji.

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