Google TV will soon offer an option to deactivate the “smart” of your smart TV …

According to 9to5Google, the next version of Google TV, Google’s operating system for our TVs that appeared with the latest generation of Chromecast, could introduce a new function that will not make your connected TV smarter, but on the contrary … ” stupid “.

A simple, basic television

Called Basic TV, it will deactivate all intelligent functions (in English) to give access only to HDMI inputs and streams of classic television programs. Goodbye, then, the system of recommendations, applications and Google Assistant.

For the time being, according to the site specializing in Google news, this function is only available during configuration. So there are still many unanswered questions: What will the TV interface look like in “basic” mode? Will the usage data still be collected by Google?

Also to discover in video:

It seems easy to switch from basic mode to smart mode, since a shortcut is always accessible, on the other hand, the reverse maneuver would require a priori to completely reset the television.

The Mountain View giant confirmed to our colleagues at 9to5Google that this function will be available on its two OS for televisions, namely Google TV and Android TV.

Many interests

Connected TVs open the door to many uses that we could not even dream of not so long ago: direct access to the Web is one, access to OTT services another. However, sometimes the superimposition of smart layers – between those of the TV and that of a possible external box, for example – makes using connected TVs painful.
Not to mention the small slowdowns that can spoil the user experience over time, or simply those times when you want to quickly access a channel live while the OS takes its time to load and display its interface.

One thing is certain, this Basic TV function could allow those who are interested in a TV model from Sony, TCL or other manufacturer partners of Google, but do not want its OS, to obtain satisfaction.

Source: 9to5Google


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