Google to pay two developers to patch loopholes in Linux kernel

It is clearly time to act. Google has just announced, with the help of the Linux Foundation, the full-time payment of two developers to plug the loopholes in the Linux kernel. This code is one of the most widely distributed on the planet. It is found in particular in all Android phones and in most connected objects.

The last annual report of Linux contributors had shown, in fact, that the security aspect was often relegated to the background by developers, who are more attracted by the creation of new features. On average, they only spend a little over 2% of their time on security and they are not willing to put in any more effort, feeling that this is a “Exhausting chore” and one “Unbearably annoying procedural obstacle”.

Also to discover in video:

This situation is not very surprising. Linux creator Linus Torvalds has repeatedly shown his disdain for computer security publicly. But given the ubiquity of this platform, it is no longer possible to ignore it. And as Google is directly concerned by this subject through Android, it is logical that it takes on the role of patron.

Source: Linux Foundation


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