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Google Pay changed style, new logo launched

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Tech giant Google will now be recognized in a new way. In India, Google Pay has been seen with a new colorful logo. Please tell that this payment app of Google was first named fast. People also know it by the name GPay. According to a report by Mashable, Twitter user Sumant Das spotted the new logo. This new logo has been made live for just a few users.

Explain that Google Pay’s current logo includes G and Pay. This is the only Google logo that comes in multi-color. Talking about the new logo, it does not seem that it represents the payment app. In the name of Google Play, the new Blue and Yellow u represent G while the Green and Red inverted u represent P. To complete the letters, you just have to draw a straight line in the middle.


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According to Mashable’s report, the new Google Pay logo is part of the company’s new design and color scheme under which the company is changing its product logos. However, users using G Pay for a long time may not like this change. It may take some time for users to get used to the new colorful Google logo.

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We do not even have a new Google Pay logo. Currently there is no update for the app even on the Play Store listing. Google has not yet made an official statement about this. Apart from this, the new logo has not got a place on its social media accounts.



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