Google launches Stack, an application to scan and organize your documents using AI

This is without a doubt the application that Android smartphones were missing. Stack, an experimental application that Google has just unveiled, allows you to scan paper documents using the camera of your smartphone, and is responsible for automatically organizing them by category.
Stack relies on artificial intelligence to analyze the content of scanned documents and is responsible for automatically naming them, but also classifying them.

The application identifies the most important information and analyzes it to make it easier for you to find your documents. A simple query with a few keywords is enough to find in an instant a scanned file archived in the application.

All documents scanned with Stack are secured with the connection module to your Google account, an essential step to access the files. It is also possible to configure additional security by requiring, for example, identification by facial recognition or using a fingerprint, depending on the technology on board your smartphone.
If Stack stores the documents you scan locally, the application also offers to automatically save them to your Google Drive account.

The app, which is still at a very early stage of development, is unfortunately only available in the United States at this time. Its manual installation, via the APK file, does not yet work. It will therefore be necessary to show a little patience to hope to see it land in our latitudes.

Source: Google


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