Google launches several AR and VR experiments accessible on the web

Will the future be made only of worlds in virtual reality or objects that can be used in augmented reality? It is in everything that seems to imagine Google for whom AR and VR multiply the possibilities of interaction with the world and the information that surrounds us.

The Mountain View firm has just unveiled on its experimental platform Google Experiment, WebXR, a mobile web application that can be used directly from Chrome which allows the use of several tools showing the range of possibilities in terms of virtual reality and augmented reality.


Four in number, these tools are supposed to offer a demonstration of the possibilities offered by these technologies in your daily life.


The first, Sodar, proposes to visualize in the real world the social distancing to be respected in these times of pandemic. The tool activates, from Chrome, an augmented reality radar allowing you to see what a distance of two meters around you corresponds to.

The second tool, Measure Up, allows you to calculate the length, area and volume of objects around you, without a meter, simply by pointing your smartphone camera in their direction.


The third, Floom, is a fun way to explore the planet. Based on WebXR and Google Maps, it opens a virtual tunnel through the Earth to see what is on the other side.

Finally, the last tool, PictureScape, which is not yet finalized, will turn your Google Photos library into an immersive image gallery that you can explore in augmented reality.


To benefit from these experiences, you must have a compatible Android smartphone, and go from the Google Chrome browser on your mobile to the Google Experiments platform, dedicated to WebXR.

Source: Google


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