Google announces new features for Meet, its videoconferencing service

Google has just unveiled several new features for its Meet video conferencing platform. The service, which Google has made free to allow as many people as possible to stay in touch with loved ones, has seen its use explode across the world after measures taken to try to limit the spread of the coronavirus.

A cleaner interface

In recent months, Google has multiplied new functions to improve its service. And the Mountain View firm obviously has others in stock. From next month, Meet will begin its transformation to sport a new interface. This new design will offer more space to display the content shared during a meeting and will allow pinning the different content displayed to keep them always displayed. It will thus be possible to keep on screen a shared presentation as well as the video of the speaker presenting it.

In addition, the names of all participants will always be displayed to more easily identify those present. You can also resize, move or hide your own video if you don’t want to see yourself on the screen.

AI to improve video quality

Google explains that it has worked on several solutions to improve the stability of its service, but also to ensure that users enjoy the best possible video quality. For meetings held on the move, where the Internet connection is not always optimal, a mobile data saving function will be deployed in Meet.

On the web, Meet will automatically detect when a user is in a poorly lit environment and automatically adjust the brightness of the image to improve its visibility on the screen. This function, which is based on artificial intelligence, was introduced last year in Meet’s mobile applications.

The AI ​​will also be there to ensure the Autozoom function. Available only to paid Google Workspace customers, it will allow other users to see you better by zooming in on your face and cropping the image.

Web and mobile video backgrounds

If it was already possible to blur or change its background during a call, the web and mobile versions of Google Meet will allow in the coming weeks to personalize it using a video.

Three options will be available at launch: a classroom, a party, and a forest.

Over the past year, Google has stepped up initiatives to improve its service and meet user expectations. Recently, the Mountain View firm inaugurated the possibility of simultaneously displaying several participants from a mobile and launched a tool allowing to monitor in real time the state of the network and the performance of its machine during a video call.


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