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Good news: Best bus fare will not increase, Mumbaikars will benefit


  • Best gives big relief to Mumbaikars, Best bus fare will not increase
  • At present, efforts to increase the number of passengers of Best Base
  • The first bus used to travel 3 million passengers
  • Most people are traveling by bus due to lack of permission in the local train

Due to the increasing influence of Corona in Mumbai, local trains have not yet been fully started for the general public. Due to this, the citizens of Mumbai are traveling through the best buses considered as the second lifeline of the city. With the introduction of unlock, people were given the convenience of traveling through the best bus. At present, 23 lakh passengers are traveling daily via Best Bus. To further increase the number of passengers, the Best Administration has decided not to increase the fare this year.

First 3 million people traveled in the best
Before the lockdown in Mumbai, about 3 million people traveled through the best bus. At present, this number is 2.3 million. The effect of corona in the city is still intact and the cases of corona are also increasing. Due to this, the local train service of Mumbai has not been started yet. The number of 10 passengers on March 9 before the lockdown was 30 lakh 88 thousand 834. Whereas after the lockdown was removed, on November 20, the number of best passengers was 22 lakh 47 thousand 542. In this way, Best has earned 2 crore 3 lakh 39 thousand rupees.

Passengers may be reduced if the fare is increased
The Best Administration also fears that if they increase the fare, the number of passengers may decrease. Which will directly affect the earnings of Best. Because of this, there is currently no intention to increase the fare.

Weight and watch for Mumbai local train
At present, no decision has yet been taken to run the local train in Mumbai. Corona cases have started to rise again in the city. According to BMC Commissioner, taking a review of the situation in Corona, a decision will be taken to start the local train only after December 15. Till then citizens will have to travel by private vehicle or best bus.


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