Good Fnac / Darty plan: the Marshall Major III helmet sold at 39 euros

Audio products have become real allies in our daily lives. A pair of wireless headphones or headphones are useful to enjoy your playlist. The Darty site and that of Fnac include selections of such offers. It is possible to find the cheaper Marshall Major III headphones. The helmet sells for 39 euros instead of 79 euros.

The Marshall product is a best seller. It is acclaimed by critics and the public at the same time. The headband as well as the ear cups are comfortable enough to be used throughout the day. It is possible to listen to podcasts while you work. A 3.5mm cable gives you rare versatility in the use of headphones.

The Marshall Major III integrates a good autonomy for daily use. The sound quality is also there for use. The headphones offer remarkable power to showcase your playlists. Released three years earlier, the product from Marshall was launched at 79 euros. It is now sold for 39 euros, an offer not to be missed under any circumstances. Be careful not to confuse it with its Bluetooth version currently available at 79 euros.

The Marshall Major III helmet available at Fnac

The Marshall Major III helmet available at Darty

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