Good deal: Hisense reimburses up to 1000 euros on a selection of televisions

Are you looking for a television? You can do good business by choosing a Hisense model. Until June 22, the manufacturer will reimburse you from 20 to 1000 euros. The affected models are as follows:

  • 43-inch TVs 43A7300F, 43AE7200F, 43A7320F: reimbursement of 20 euros.
  • 50-inch televisions 50A7300F, 50AE7200F, 50A7320F: reimbursement of 30 euros.
  • 65 and 75 inch televisions 65A7100F, 65AE7000F, 65A7120F, 65A7GQ, 75A7100F, 75AE7000F, 75A7120F: reimbursement of 50 euros.
  • 50-inch TVs 50A7GQ, 50E76GQ: reimbursement of 70 euros.
  • 50 to 65 inch televisions 50U7QF, 50U72QF, 55A7GQ, 55E76GQ, 55U8GQ, 58A7100F, 58AE7000F, 58A7120F, 65A7300F, 65AE7200F, 65A7320F, 65U8QF, 65U82QF: reimbursement of 100 euros.
  • 55 and 65 inch televisions 55U7QF, 55U72QF, 65U7QF, 65U72QF: reimbursement of 150 euros.
  • 55 and 65 inch televisions 55U8QF, 55U82QF, 65U8GQ, 65A9G: reimbursement of 200 euros.
  • Laser televisions 100L5F-B12, 120L5F-A12: reimbursement of 500 euros.
  • Laser TV 88L5VG televisions: reimbursement of 1000 euros.

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