Gold Price Today: Incredible price drop Super chance to buy jewelry!

Gold price today fell by Rs 1,464 in Chennai today. Gold price today has been volatile throughout the past month. Although there was an increase in prices, in the beginning, there was a decline in prices in the last days.

But prices have been rising since the beginning of this month. Today, however, the good news is that gold prices have plummeted. Let’s see what today’s price situation is?

The price of jewelry gold!

The price of a gram (22 carats) of jewelry gold has been reduced to Rs 4,680 in Chennai today (October 17). Yesterday it was priced at Rs 4,863. Today, the price of gold fell by 183 rupees per gram.

Similarly, 8-gram jewelry gold, which was selling at Rs 38,904 yesterday, fell by Rs 1,464 to Rs 37,440 today.

Gold Price Today, Pure Gold

Today, the price of pure gold is as low as that of jewelry. The price of 24 carats pure gold (one gram) fell to Rs 5,054 today from Rs 5,106 yesterday.

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Similarly, 8 grams of pure gold was sold at Rs 40,848 yesterday, down by Rs 416 today to Rs 40,432.

Gold Price Today in other cities!

The price of a gram of jewelry gold is Rs 4,925 in Mumbai, Rs 4,787 in Bangalore, Rs 4,853 in Hyderabad, Rs 4,676 in Kerala, Rs 4,972 in Delhi, Rs 4,859 in Hosur, and Rs 4,859 in Pondicherry. 4,855.

The price of silver!

There is no change in the price of silver today. The price of a gram of silver is Rs 65.80 yesterday. A kilo of silver sells for 65,800 rupees.


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