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Gold Price Today: 10 grams of gold price came to around 48000 rupees, know how cheap gold has become today

Gold Price Today 1st December 2020: There is a relief news for those buying gold and silver during the wedding season. Today, gold and silver prices have fallen once again in the bullion markets. On Tuesday, the spot price of 24-carat gold in the bullion markets across the country fell by Rs 774 per ten grams to Rs 48,055 on Tuesday. At the same time, the spot price of silver softened by Rs 169 to open at Rs 59900 per kg. According to the India Bullion and Jewelers Association website (ibjarates.com), on 1 December 2020, the gold and silver spot prices across the country remained as follows…

Evening rate

Metal Rate of 27 November (Rs / 10g) Rate of 26 November (Rs / 10g)

Rate change (Rs / 10g)

Gold 999 (24 carat) 48055 48829 – 774
Gold 995 (23 carat) 47863 48633 – 770
Gold 916 (22 carat) 44018 44727 – 709
Gold 750 (18 carat) 36041 36622 – 581
Gold 585 (14 carat) 28112 28565 – 453
Silver 999 Rs 59900 per kg 60069 per kg – Rs 169 per kg

IBJA rates are recognized nationwide

Explain that the rate issued by IBJA is universally accepted. However, GST has not been included in the rate given on this website. When buying and selling gold, you can refer to the rate of IBJA. According to the India Bullion and Jewelers Association, ibja shows the average price of gold and silver from 14 centers across the country by taking a current rate. The current rate of gold-silver or, say, the spot price may be different at different places, but there is a slight difference in their prices.

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