Gmail: how to display the number of unread emails in your browser tab

You don’t necessarily need to keep a Gmail window open to keep tabs on the latest messages that arrive in your inbox. Google Mail already displays by default the number of unread messages in your mailbox directly on the tab of your web browser.

On one condition, however, that the tab is open in your inbox and not in another directory in your mailbox. If the tab is open on your spam, sent messages, or any other section of Gmail, the unread number of messages is not displayed on the tab.

Google has yet provided in its parameters a dedicated option for this purpose. When activated, it indicates directly on the tab the number of unread messages present in the box.

Also to discover in video:

1. Go to Settings

Log in to your inbox then click on the cogwheel icon at the top right of the Gmail interface. Then click on All settings.

2. Activate the unread message icon

In the Gmail settings page, go to the Advanced settings section and scroll through the options. All the way down to the line Unread message icon, click on Activate then on Save Changes to keep your new settings.

Now, regardless of the directory of your mailbox selected, you will be able to see the number of unread messages on your mailbox.

It is displayed directly on the Gmail icon in the open mail tab in your web browser.


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