Glacier sensor alarm will alert from natural disasters, three girl students prepared

Glacier Flood Alert Sensor Alarm (photo credit: pixabay)

Varanasi, 25 February: The need for vigilance and warning about natural disasters has increased after the recent snowfall in Chamoli in Uttarakhand (Uttarakhand). Several hundred people went missing in this disaster and there was loss of life and property. On getting information before the disaster, it may be possible to stop it, so that work can be done on rescue and prevention. In view of this, the students of Varanasi have constructed Glacier Flood Alert Sensor Alarm, which will warn people before natural disasters. Annu, Aanchal Patel and Sanjeevani Yadav, students of Ashoka Institute of Technology and Management based in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, have prepared this sensor alarm together. Annu Singh told IANS that, “There was a glacier slide in Uttarakhand. In which many people died. In view of that, a glacier flood alert sensor alarm device has been made. To predict the disaster. People can be saved. “

He explained that, “The transmitter of this sensor alarm will be installed in the area of ​​dam, dam area or glacier. Its receiver can be installed in the relief disaster control area. The transmitter will send the signal to the receiver as soon as a disaster comes. So that people can be saved from the disaster in time by alerting them. Its range is still 500 meters. In the coming time it will work for many kilometers. It will work very comfortably for six months on one hour charge. It costs 7 to 8 thousand rupees. It has a high frequency transmitter, receiver, two towers of four and a half fit, which has been fitted with a transmitter. This prototype has been prepared now. The transmitter installed in it will be activated as soon as the tower is damaged. And a sign of disaster will be found. It will work well when dams, glaciers and river banks are installed. ” Also Read: Puducherry: PM Modi Launches Many Projects In Puducherry

Sanjeevani said, “Wireless Flood Alert Alarm can be installed in the roads between the town village and the mountains, situated along the mountainside after the avalanche, glacier, eruption of large rivers like nature disaster. Anytime. When the dam breaks the rivers, when the glacier breaks, these sensors alert the people of the village and town in the remote area of ​​the area of ​​Aria, within 1 second, to help the people living near the rivers easily. Through its alarm, people can be saved from accidents. It does not require electricity to charge, because it is charged with solar. It can operate even after 6 months of sunlight when charged for 1 hour. is.” Also Read: Unnao Case: Revealed in report, girls given herbicide in water

In-charge of Ashoka Institute Research and Development Cell, Shyam Chaurasia said that due to lack of predictability in natural calamities, people are devastated. But with the creation of this system, people can be saved from disasters. Through this people can be saved from disasters like avalanche, cloud burst, flood. Senior Scientific Officer of the Regional Science and Technology Center, Mahadev Pandey told that accidents happen due to lack of predictions in the disaster. In which a lot of lives are lost. Such accidents can be prevented through glacier sensor alarms. By increasing its range, if it is enabled to give more information then it can prove more effective. This technique is good.

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