Girlfriend Disha Parmar becomes emotional after seeing Rahul Vaidya’s message, video goes viral

In the TV reality show ‘Bigg Boss 14’ Rahul Vaidya has sent a special message for Disha Parmar. Actually, in a video, Rahul Vaidya is seen missing his girlfriend Disha Parmar. He seems to be saying that Disha, I am missing you a lot. With this, he also sends a direction to anyone. Says I love you, I hope you are fine, Mummy is fine and Gaurav is fine.

A fan club of Rahul Vaidya has posted this video on social media, hoping that Disha will react to this video and meet Rahul to reach Bigg Boss house. Disha has really reacted to this video. Disha Parmar became quite emotional after watching the video. He has created a crying emoji. However, Disha Parmar will go to meet Rahul inside Bigg Boss house, it has not been confirmed.

It is known that Rahul Vaidya proposed Disha Parmar on National TV on his birthday. A video of it became very viral on social media. Recently, Rahul’s mother Geeta Vaidya came to meet Bigg Boss house.

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Mother Geeta said this on Disha and Rahul’s wedding
In a conversation with E-Times, Geeta Vaidya not only confirmed the month of Rahul’s wedding, but also said that she has started preparations for the wedding. He told that when Rahul came home in the middle of the show, Disha came to meet us. I have also talked to Disha’s mother and we have finalized everything.

He said that we are waiting for Rahul to come out of the show. We will finalize the date when it comes out. We will only confirm the date, location and other things, but we have made the basic arrangement. The families of the two have met and agreed to the marriage. Now we are just waiting for Rahul to come.

He further told that Disha does not want to get married in the summer season, then we will marry her in June. This season is going to end anyway. We will not wait until December. Won’t take so long. I am very happy that we are getting a daughter-in-law because of Bigg Boss. After moving to Bigg Boss, Rahul realizes his feelings for Disha and I am sure that Disha also likes him.


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