Georges Pernoud and Monique, “the only woman of his life” : pictures of their wedding unveiled

It is now his entourage and those who loved him to wish him “good luck“. On January 11, 2021, an official statement announced the death of Georges Pernoud, at the age of 73. The journalist and well-known face of France 3 was affected Alzheimer’s disease in recent years, an illness that made his last days very delicate. “He had been in a coma for five days and we had turned off his oxygen“, reported its last editor in chief Erik Berg. A difficult end for the one who marked the spirits, in particular thanks to the cult program Thalassa.

France 3 therefore naturally decided to pay tribute to him on Friday January 15 by broadcasting a very complete documentary about him, Georges Pernoud, the man who loved the sea. His student life, his attraction to journalism, his television debut … All the highlights of Georges Pernoud’s career have been traced. And even his marriage to Monique ! “At 25, her development is confirmed both behind the camera and in front of a church altar.“, is it explained in the documentary, commenting on images of D-Day.

On their wedding day, Monique was radiant all dressed in white, already avant-garde for the time, since she had opted for pants and not a dress. “This young brunette woman is Monique, the only woman of his life that he married only a year after meeting her in the summer of 1972“, we learn. Georges Pernoud appeared on his side very elegant and all smiles in a black suit.

Georges Pernoud, proud dad

A year after his marriage, Georges Pernoud embarked for the first time aboard a boat and the second love story of his life, the one he shared with the sea, was then born. Then, in 1975, Thalassa landed on the TV antennas, the same year as the birth of her eldest Fanny, joined in 1978 by her sister Julie. Two women who have followed in his footsteps in the media, one as a journalist, the other as a production manager.

Monique, my wife, and I are very proud of them. But I remain the only man of the tribe “, said Georges Pernoud in his book Good luck ! published in 2015. Monique made her career at the Ministry of Finance. Once retired, she dreamed that her husband would stop watching TV. “My wife hopes that I do nothing more, so that I take care of her a little more! At the same time she knows how hard it is to let go of her passions“, he confided.

According to France Blue, Georges Pernoud will be buried in Monestier on Saturday January 16, a village in the Dordogne of 400 inhabitants, whom he particularly liked and where he spent all his summers. This village had even become “his adopted land“.


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