Gauhar Khan will marry this great music director’s son, she will marry in November

Gauhar Khan, who is seen as the winner of Bigg Boss 7 and Super Senior in Bigg Boss 14, is going to get married soon.

If sources are to be believed, Gauhar Khan is going to get married in the month of November.

Gauhar is dating Zaid Darbar, son of music director Ismail Darbar. A few days ago Ismail Darbar himself confirmed this.

Ismail Darbar told

Ismail Darbar said, ‘Our special meeting with Gauhar was held at our house. And we all ate biryani together.

On this special occasion, my wife Ayesha spoke to Gauhar for 4 hours. After this special meeting, it has become clear that both Zaid and Gauhar want to marry each other.

My son Zaid told me that both of them are serious about each other. I have no problem with this.

As a father, I once told him that he is 5 years older than you and before making a big decision like marriage, make sure that this is real love.

Ismail Darbar said, ‘My son is sure about this. And since then Gauhar spends time with us. Gauhar takes great care of her. Apart from this, my wife Ayesha liked Gauhar and Genuine.

In personal life, Gauhar Khan was in a relationship with director Sajid Khan in 2003, but this relationship did not last long.


Later his name was associated with actor Kushal Tandon, who was also a participant in Bigg Boss, but this relationship also did not last.

In this way, Gauhar Khan’s life has been full of ups and downs. Gauhar Khan does not consume smoking and alcohol in personal life.

Talking about the work front, at the age of 18, she came in fourth place in 2002 participating in the Femina Miss India competition, and she won the title of Miss Talented.

It was only after a few years that she represented India in the Miss International competition.

Gauhar Khan was seen in a small role in Miss India. After that, she was seen in a music video made by Bombay Vikings in the air ‘Udta Jaaye Jaay’, which was quite popular.

Also in the 2004 song ‘Naa Pare Kanchana Mala’ by Shankar Dada MBBS, ‘Aan Men at the Work’ in ‘Nasha Nasha’, the song ‘Parda Parda’ from the 2010 film Once Upon a Time in Mumbai. For acting, which was appreciated by all.


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