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Gangsters become gangsters as soon as they go to jail in a murder, then brothers handle gang legacy

Many small gangs are now emerging in cyber city. These newly emerging gangs are so dangerous that they fire bullets while committing an incident. On the night of 15 November in the village of Bamdoli, one such gangster, Akash alias Ashu, made a fatal attack with his shooters when more than 30 bullets were fired at the car parked by neighbors outside the house. Similarly, Gangster Rohit alias Lambu, a resident of village Kankaraula, who was killed in an encounter on the night of 9 November, was gradually increasing his stature. About a year ago, in the Bilaspur police station area, he also fired more than 40 bullets at a young man’s house over a dispute of speculative money. These gangs do this for the purpose of spreading their terror.

Gangsters become gangsters after a murder, brothers and others handle gangs as soon as they go to jail
It has been prevalent in the rural areas of the city for some time that if a young man in a village commits murder due to envy, then he considers himself to be a crook. Not only himself, his brothers also start to believe so. According to crime branch sources, as soon as the accused goes to jail, his brother or other family members start running the gang. Some other active gangs also greatly assist such an emerging crook. From giving them henchmen to selling weapons, old miscreants or gangs start their work. This not only helps them financially, but they also get help from that new gang when the time comes.

When the brothers handled the gang’s legacy


On 3 September 2020, in the Jatoli village of Pataudi area, car-trader liquor businessman Indrajit and Vishal alias Vikram were shot dead. Indrajit was killed while Vikram was injured. Due to rivalry, Abhishek, Harendra, Rohit, Sagar, Akhil, Krishna alias Gugan, Satendra alias Lala, Gagan, Sonu, Vicky, Govindra and Khandewala residents Manjeet were charged with murder due to enmity.

On July 26 in Taznagar village, the property dealer Yogesh Yadav’s office was threatened with death. In the village itself, on May 18, a miscreant named Kalu shot and killed Yashpal, a youth of village Joniawas, while Ravindra alias Sarkar, a resident of Taznagar was injured in this incident. Interrogation of two accused of attacking the dealer’s office revealed that Yashpal’s brother Kaushal is a crook and is lodged in Faridabad jail. After he went to jail, Yashpal started showing bullying and was handling the gang outside, but Kalu killed Yashpal. While seeking Kalu to avenge this, it was found that the property dealer helps him, due to which his office was attacked.

On 16 November, gangster Ashok Rathi was murdered in his own house. After Rathi’s murder, his brother Mahesh alias Neeshu Rathi started running the gang. He suspected that the sarpanch’s husband was against her before the assassination of Ashok Rathi. Therefore, on 15 July 2020 in Sohna, Manoj Dagar, the husband of Mamta, the woman sarpanch of Alipur village, was killed in a fatal attack. After this incident, on August 5, the Crime Branch arrested Mahesh alias Neeshu Rathi, the brother of the deceased gangster Ashok Rathi.



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