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From Google Chrome you can take screenshots in incognito mode

The most popular browser in the world will enable that possibility for users. Chrome is the most used browser in the world thanks to its synchronization with the entire ecosystem that Google has built with its websites and applications.
Incognito mode is an alternative within the browser where Google promises not to save your browsing history, nor to record third-party cookies and data or any information that you enter in a form. Allowing in this way more private browsing.
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However, a recurring complaint among smartphone users is that the platform does not allow users the possibility of taking screenshots when browsing under this modality.

Chrome error?

No, it is not an error as it was originally thought, it is simply a function within Chrome so that the user has strict privacy in the sites where they browse. However, this may change since it does not affect people at all.
As mentioned in a thread of Bugs in Chromium, disabling screenshots is not a dynamic that can add extra security to the user, although the idea was that third-party apps could not register the tab in Incognito Mode, it is a dynamic that causes annoyance to users and what could be fixed shortly.
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Google engineers would be working on disabling this option within the Chrome browser soon.
Despite not having a release date, many point out that this change can be easily applied and therefore would be present in the new browser update for mobile devices.

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