French team: "Mbappé cannot be satisfied with what he has done" according to Deschamps

Didier Deschamps, aware of the contrasting period that Kylian Mbappé is going through with the Blues, did not wish to overwhelm his striker this Tuesday on the eve of Bosnia-France, just as he reassured his state of mind.

What if Didier Deschamps deprived himself of Kylian Mbappé against Bosnia-Herzegovina (Wednesday at 8:45 p.m.), in favor of elements even more moving and decisive than the international of Paris Saint-Germain? The question was not put to him directly, but Didier Deschamps considered that Kingsley Coman and Ousmane Dembélé were “not incompatible, in absolute terms”. However, the two scored points against Kazakhstan (2-0) and Ukraine (1-1).

Deschamps: “It happens to everyone”

Unlike Mbappé, who remains on two inconclusive performances during this international break. The top scorer in the French championship was not up to par against Ukraine on his left side, and missed a penalty he had obtained himself, after forgetting a partner who stood out alone in front of goal against Kazakhstan. The Parisian is going through a more complicated period with the Blues, which could also be explained by the accumulated fatigue.

“Him the first, he can not be satisfied with what he did, commented Didier Deschamps on Tuesday at a press conference. He was not very leggy during the first match. He was much more leggy. against Kazakhstan. He had situations, opportunities. He was not efficient and he, like the others, he wants to score and make score. ” Will his performances trot in Kylian Mbappé’s head?

“I do not feel it affected at all, it happens to everyone, swept the coach. You can play a good game, the other a little less good, or the other way around, it also happened to other players. I know Kylian well. He can, over a game or a period, like any very high level striker, have a period of less effectiveness. ” The thesis of the accident seems privileged in the environment of the Blues.


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