France team: who is hiding behind the banner "N’Golo County" ?

Supporters of the France team display a diverted banner of N’Golo Kanté renamed “N’Golo Comté”, in a schoolboy montage that causes crowds on the sidelines of the Blues matches.

There was Clément d’Antibes and his rooster, there was also this banner “Sarreguemines” displayed almost in all fields of cameras of sporting events. Since the start of Euro 2021, a new find of French supporters has animated the pre-matches of the France team.


She diverts the name of N’Golo Kanté into “N’Golo Comté”, which turns a tireless sweeping ball in the midfield into a master-refiner of one of France’s star cheeses. The assembly takes all the typography of the product of protected designation of origin (PDO) with the logo in the shape of a bell and the green color so recognizable.

Behind this banner, hides (not really) a group of friends obviously coming from Franche-Comté, from the territory of Belfort to be precise. The band crisscrosses Europe to follow the Blues matches, disguised by the combo of mullet wigs / sunglasses … and their inevitable banner / montage which earned them unforeseen success.


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“As soon as we take out the photo, everyone swarms around us”

“It was a friend who took over this montage, before it was printed, explains Loïc, one of the members of the troop at L’Est Républicain. We received our banner… two hours before we took it. the road, otherwise we left without. It was hot. But since… it’s incredible. As soon as we take out the photo, everyone swarms around us, singing hymns to the glory of N’Golo, and waits a long, long time sometimes, to have her picture with the banner and our little group. “


After Budapest, the group of friends have planned to return to France hoping to leave soon enough to follow the semi-finals and final (held in London) in Europe. After being the subject of a hymn on the refrain of the Champs Elysées by Joe Dassin during the 2018 World Cup, N’Golo Kanté finds himself in spite of himself on the front of the stage in an original way. This attests to its enormous popularity rating in France.


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