France team: Benzema wants to come back and does not want Deschamps, according to his ex-agent

Guest Thursday evening of the After Foot, Karim Djaziri, former agent of Karim Benzema, affirmed that the latter’s absence in the France team was not the consequence of a conflict with Didier Deschamps. For him, Noël Le Graët is responsible.

If Karim Benzema is no longer in the France team, Karim Djaziri ensures that it is not because of Didier Deschamps. Invited this Thursday evening of After Foot on RMC, the former agent of the Real Madrid striker gave his point of view on this absence which lasts for five years, and more precisely since his indictment in the case of the blackmail with the sextape against by Mathieu Valbuena.

When asked if he relieved Didier Deschamps of a responsibility for this absence, and if it was necessary rather to point out Noël Le Graët, the president of the French Football Federation, Karim Djaziri replied: “Clearly”. To support his point, he notably assured that the coach was “very close” to the player. “It was a father-son relationship. It was her boyfriend,” he described.

A meeting blocked by Le Graët?

Karim Djaziri also explains that Didier Deschamps never called Karim Benzema to ask him, among other things, for explanations in relation to his interview with the Spanish press during Euro 2016 (he had declared that the coach had “yielded under the pressure of a racist part of France “) or in relation to a controversial like on Instagram.

For him, the absence of a phone call proves that there is no conflict between the two men. “If Didier has a problem with someone, he calls him and he fixes the problem. Especially with someone he knows, who would have disappointed him. (…) Didier took over players who insulted them his family. He apologized much worse to players, “he said.

This call never came, the ex-agent says that Karim Benzema ended up asking him to set up a meeting to clarify everything: “In July 2017, Karim told me to call the president [Le Graët] to arrange a meeting with Didier. I called the president, but he didn’t want to arrange this meeting. (…) We do not even know if he knows about it “.

Benzema wants to return to the Blues

Thus, Karim Djaziri thinks that a return of Karim Benzema to the Blues is compromised as long as Noël Le Graët is at the head of the FFF. He does not rule out another reason either: a possible disapproval of “one or two executives” of the current group. He nuances nevertheless: “If Griezmann, Pogba and Lloris ask for the return of Benzema, do you think he will not take it?”

In any case, if Didier Deschamps ended up recalling Karim Benzema, the latter would gladly accept, according to the one who knows him well: “Of course. (…) He has been ready for six years. He’s been waiting for six years. He is a player who loves football too much “.


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