Formula 1 live: follow the British GP qualifying

How to use the new qualifiers

For the first time in 71 years, the mode of qualifying for the starting grid will change during the British GP. This test formula will take place during three highlights in three days: qualification-sprint-Grand Prix. With the new format, the fight therefore begins this Friday. After a free practice session, the drivers will compete in qualifying (19h).


We remain on the classic qualifiers in Q1, Q2 and Q3 mode, except that the five sets of tires, the softest, are the same for everyone. This session does not determine the starting grid of the Grand Prix, but that of the sprint on Saturday. On Saturday, after another free practice session, it’s time for a sprint. It is a 17-lap race. The classification of this race will determine the starting grid of the Grand Prix, its winner being, in fact, in pole position.


Good morning all !

The British Grand Prix, the tenth round of the F1 world championship scheduled for this weekend, is marked by a new qualifying format. The drivers get to the heart of the matter this Friday with qualifying (7 p.m.), which will determine the grid for the sprint on Saturday.


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