Former OL player Nilmar confides in his depression

The Brazilian Nilmar, former player of Olympique Lyonnais, confided in the complicated period experienced at the end of his career in 2017, with in particular a depression which paralyzed him all on the right side.

Since his stint at OL in 2004-2005, Nilmar has not lived only rosy moments. In an interview whose words were reported by UOL Esporte, the former Brazilian striker (37) confided in his painful depression.


In a game against Cruzeiro in 2017, the striker came into play in the 74th minute without being in good physical and mental shape. As a result of this match, his entire right side is paralyzed. He confides that he has kept this suffering in him without talking to his family or to doctors.

“I had lost the pleasure of what I loved the most”

“I didn’t share with anyone, I was very withdrawn, even with my wife, he says. I think it also hurt me a lot not to tell a loved one about it, not to seek professional help. . “


And to continue: “I was so stressed that I did not want to train any more, to play, I had lost the pleasure of what I liked the most. I was paralyzed on all the right side. of my body, I went to the hospital and I stayed there for two days, ”he adds. Nilmar further explains that he felt shame but that “the support of the family was also very important”.

Nilmar, who took part in the 2010 World Cup with Brazil, played a season with Olympique Lyonnais, and managed to leave a small mark in the Rhône, with the famous penalty not whistled on him against PSV Eindoven in Champions League. A moment that the supporters of the Gones are not ready to forget.


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