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‘Forbes’ young businessman enters the movie industry .. Advertising three movies at once

Kovvuri Sureshreddy .. This name is well known in the field of animation and gaming. Suresh Reddy is the only Telugu businessman and the only Telugu businessman to make the Forbes list of the most influential people under the age of 30 recently published by the world renowned business magazine. Has been Managing Director (MD) of Creative Mentors Animation and Gaming College for the past 13 years. He was the founder of that college. Also, the film school is run in collaboration with Prasad Labs. He had a role in growing into a number of animators. Such Suresh Reddy has now entered the Telugu film industry. He, the founder of ‘P19 Entertainment’, announced three films on Friday.

Akash Reddy, who worked in the directing department for ‘Superstar Kidnapping’ and ‘Paper Boy’, will be directing the film, which will be produced as ‘No.1’ in ‘P19 Entertainment’. Akash Reddy, who has produced award-winning short films like ‘Chori’, ‘Marojanma’ and ‘Pure Soul’, is getting acquainted with the film as a director.

These are the three films announced by P19 Entertainment.

The film, which will be produced as Production No. 2 in ‘P19 Entertainment’, will be directed by Raj Madiraju, who won the Nandi Award for Best Screenplay for ‘Rishi’ and the award at the Dada Saheb Phalke Film Festival. ‘Rishi’ has won many national and international awards. Raj Madiraju directed the films ‘Andhrapori’ and ‘Aite 2.0’. The film will be produced by Sureshreddy Kovvuri along with NRI Ravikant Jami.

Puri Jagannath, a disciple of director Puri Jagannath, who will be producing No. 3 in ‘P19 Entertainment’, will direct Pradeep Maddali, who has worked with him for six films. He had earlier directed the ‘Pelli Gola’ web series, ’47 Days’ which was released exclusively on G5OTT. The film is presented by Ramesh Prasad.

P19 Entertainment LLP Press Meet

Suresh Reddy, Ramesh Prasad, Dil Raju and others were present at the press conference

The three films were announced at an event on Friday at Prasad Labs in Hyderabad. The previews and logos of the three films were unveiled by Prasad’s Group Chairman Akkineni Ramesh Prasad, who was the chief guest at the event, and renowned producer ‘Dil’ Raju. Dr. dasaratharamireddi major Orthopedics, Telugu Film Chamber of Commerce Secretary KL. Damodar Prasad, Producer Raj Kandukuri, G5 Head Creative, Content Acquisition Nimmakayala Prasad, Directors Raj Madiraju, Pradeep Maddali, Akash Reddy, Head of ‘P19 Entertainment’ Kovvuri Suresh Reddy and others were present.

After unveiling the movie logos, Ramesh Prasad said, “The reason I am at this level today is because of my father LV Prasad. Everything he earned was put into movies. We have studios in Hyderabad and Chennai. It has offices in Mumbai and Calcutta. My whole life has been associated with cinema. We have produced some films in Prasad Productions. We will still build. We want to continue filming. I am happy to launch three films today.

P19 Entertainment LLP

Producer Suresh Reddy with three directors

‘Dil’ Raju said .. ” If the whole world is shaking with Kovid, it is not uncommon for our Ramesh Prasad to start production of three films at the age of 84 as an energy to the film industry again. I would like to thank LV Prasad for his continued contribution to the film industry. He said he would stay with the film until his last breath. The property given to them by LV Prasad is the same. Trying new things with new people today. Under the direction of Suresh Reddy, Raj Madiraju, Pradeep and Akash started three films as directors. Today cinema has changed a lot. If the movie is good, the audience will also enjoy watching it on cell phones. I hope this effort of yours will be successful.

Sureshreddy Kovvuri said .. ” We have heard many stories since two years. Thanks to everyone who narrated the stories to us. Telugu cinema is contributing a lot to world cinema. A lot of young talented people are coming. I believe ‘Content’ is the film (King) ‘. I aim to produce 20 films in the next four years. When it comes to these three films … all three of our directors have already proved themselves with their stories. We started the movies with confidence in their stories.

Filming of Pradeep Maddali is scheduled to start on February 1 next year and be completed by March 15. Filming for Raj Madiraju will start on December 22 this year. It will be completed by the end of January next year. We want to release that movie next summer. Preparations are underway to complete the shooting of Akash Reddy’s film in November and December. Details of the cast and other technicians will be revealed soon.

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