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For 4 years, dirty water was kept in the Yamuna without treating it

Senior Correspondent, Faridabad

For the last 4 years, the dirty water of the city sewer is being pumped into the Yamuna without treating it. Due to the negligence of the private company taking care of the STP, the river kept getting polluted and the municipal officials kept their eyes closed. The corporation has now withheld a penalty of Rs 90 lakh on the company responsible for operating this 45 MLD capacity sewerage treatment plant at Badshahpur. The Municipal Corporation has said in the notice issued to the company that the plant at Badshahpur is completely damaged, the motors here are also damaged. Due to which dirty water was being poured into the Yamuna without any treatment. However, the agency has not paid the fine even after receiving the notice.

3 sewerage treatment plants have been installed in the city to treat the sewer wastewater. The largest of which is in Badshahpur. Its capacity is 45 MLD, which is to treat sewer water in Old Faridabad and Barkhal Vidhan Sabha daily and pour it into Yamuna. The contract was awarded by the Municipal Corporation to a Mumbai-based agency in 2011 to run and maintain the plant. According to the municipal documents, the company named Hydroair Tetonics was assigned the task from 1 September 2011 to 31 August 2016. After this, the company was given a 4-year extension and handed over the work till 31 August 2020. The company functioned well till 2016, but after 4 years the condition of Badshahpur plant continued to deteriorate. Without treatment, water started to be pumped into the Yamuna. However, the Municipal Corporation officials also ignored this and the company continued to claim to run Badshahpur STP. Meanwhile all the STP motors went bad and the machines stopped working.

All STP’s condition deteriorated

Municipal Corporation Councilor Deepak Chaudhary said that all the STPs running in the Municipal Corporation are bad. There is no treatment of sewage sewage. Apart from Badshahpur, in STP in Mirzapur and Pratapgarh, sewer water is also released directly into untreated canals, due to which the Yamuna is getting contaminated. He said that the case of Badshahpur should be investigated and the company should be blacklisted.

Municipal Corporation Commissioner Dr. Yash Garg informed that the agency looking after the work of Badshahpur STP has imposed a fine of Rs 90 lakh. Outstanding payments of about Rs 2 crore have also been withheld. Preparations have been started to give a contract to run the plant to a new company for 3 months.

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