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Five features of Instagram you need to know if you are using this social media platform

Instagram is a popular social media platform. From common man to big stars have created their accounts on this social media platform and are also active on it. There are many such features on Instagram, which are very useful for users. Instagram also keeps adding new features for the convenience of users. Recently a new feature was added to it, in which users can watch videos with their friends during the video call. We are telling you about 5 such features of Instagram, which few people know about.

Reply / forward option for a specific message A
a few weeks ago Instagram added this feature. In this, users can reply to any specific message. This feature is exactly like WhatsApp. In this, the user has to tap and hold the message they want to reply to. After this, the reply label will appear at the bottom. You can reply to that message by tapping on it. If you want to forward that message, you can forward it by going to the More option.

switch Instagram accounts

If you have two accounts on Instagram and are logged in on both, then you can easily switch your Instagram account ie you can switch from one account to another. For this, you have to click on the profile photo of the account you want to go to. If you have more than two accounts, you will have to long-press on the profile photo and the app will show all your accounts. Then tap on the account you want to go to.

Send disappearing photos or videos With

With the help of this feature, the user’s photos, and videos disappear within a specified time frame. It is available for both groups and individual accounts. However, this will happen with the same files, which will be sent as dispensing messages. Apart from this, the sender can also enable the replays to feature for this message.

For this, you have to go to your Instagram account and go to the option of the direct message given on the right side. After this, any contact chat or group chat will have to be opened. In the chat, tap on the camera icon to make a video or click on the photo.

As soon as you do this, at the bottom of the screen, three options will be to view ones, allow replays, and keep these chats. If you want to send this message as a dispiriting message, then select View One option. On the other hand, if you want that the person to whom you are sending the message can see it again, then select the option of Allow Replay. On the other hand, if you want that contact to see that message anytime, then choose the option of keeping these chats.

Mute or unmute Instagram story In

this feature of Instagram, you can mute any user’s post or story. After this, whenever that user shares his post or story on Instagram, then it will not be visible on your news feed. Tap on the name of the user whose story or post needs to be muted. After coming to the profile you will see three dots in the top right, tap on it. Here below you will see two options.

These include Turn On Post Notifications and Turn On Story Notifications. By tapping on it you can mute the post or story of that user. In the same way, you can unmute any post or story by tapping on Turn Off Post Notifications and Turn Off Story Notifications.

Reaction Emojis in chat

This feature is exactly like Facebook. Just like you react through an emoji on a Facebook post, you can do the same on Instagram. In this, you have to long-press on the Instagram post. After this, you will see different types of emojis. You can choose from these and give your reaction to the post by emoji.

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