Fitbit Luxe, a new activity tracker that dreams of being a jewel

Can Fitbit bracelets become fashion accessories? In any case, this is the brand’s goal with Luxe, its brand new activity tracker that looks less like a sports gadget than a trendy accessory.

Fitbit, acquired in January by Google, indeed highlights the design with this activity bracelet, designed to be comfortable day and night. Thinner and smaller than its predecessors, the Luxe is distinguished above all by a steel structure, more elegant than the plastic of its congeners. Unsurprisingly, it is also … more expensive!

A multitude of options, but no integrated GPS

It is not a sports accessory, of which act: Luxe is not equipped with a GPS like the Fitibit Charge 4. Impossible, therefore, to go out for a run and enjoy GPS data of your run without taking your smartphone with you. Other than that, the new tracker ticks almost all the boxes: it helps track your sleep, has a temperature sensor and a heart rate monitor. It also takes advantage of some advanced tracking features, such as respiratory rate measurement and stress management. On the occasion of an upcoming update, it will also be able to calculate the level of oxygen in the blood.

Alongside the Luxe, Fitbit is launching a host of bracelets, a bit on the Apple model with its Watch. Bracelets available in several colors and sizes, which are (almost) endlessly available: in leather, braided, in metal or even in stainless steel! There is something for all tastes and for all prices: count between 30 euros and around 100 euros for the limited edition in collaboration with the Gorjana brand.

The Fitbit Luxe has been in pre-order since April 19, starting at € 149.95. For that price, a six-month Fitbit Premium subscription (or even 12 months if you’ve never used the service) is included. As a reminder, the Premium service provides additional analyzes and better sleep monitoring. As well as personalized exercises and “well-being” sessions.

For the moment, the company has not decided on a specific release date, but announces that the bracelets will be delivered at the end of May.


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